Construction of RN18

DJIBOUTI PORTS CORRIDOR ROAD has launched detailed studies of the construction works of the RN18 and the elaboration of the technical studies of the construction works of the Daasbiyo-RN5 section, the Djibouti bypass and the ramp for the new Bicidley airport.

The RN18 connects the port of Djibouti to the east and the RN5 to the west to reach the border with Ethiopia.

The study is mainly focused on four components:

Component 1: Update of the technical study of the National Road 18 (RN18)
Component 2: Construction of a new bypass
Component 3 : Construction of the Bicidley bypass
Component 4 : The construction of the DAASBIYO-RN5 section
The starting point of the RN18 is at the junction between the RN18 and the new Djibouti bypass and the end point is the junction between the RN18 and the RN19, after the police station, at the exit of Ali Sabieh in the direction of Guelilé. The choice of route has attempted to minimize the impacts on infrastructure, existing networks and assets along the route.

The goal of the Government of Djibouti is the development of international corridors and the national network. Therefore, under the control and management of Djibouti Ports Corridor Road SA, a Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, and Invitation to Tender (ITT) are planned.